A. Injuries as a result of Distracted Driving are the # 1 killer of teenagers in America.- CDC

B. There were 36,200 fatalities in 2012 that were the result of distracted or inattentive drivers. - National Safety Council

C. Distracted Driving reached “Epidemic” status in the United States in 2012.- Ray LaHood, former US Transportation Secretary

D. Children are being paralyzed for life as a result of being hit by Drivers that are Distracted when using their cell phones.-

E. Children are being left motherless and fatherless as a result of Distracted and inattentive driving

F. No one is “Exempt” from the negative impact of a Distracted Driver.

G. Education and awareness about the negative impact of Distracted or inattentive driving can start with the Family!-

H. In 2012 Americans spent around $276 billion on problems stemming from auto collisions, including: property damage, medical expenses, burial expenses, lost wages, insurance costs. - National Safety Council

I. About every 30 seconds in the U.S., there is a crash involving drivers using cell phones and texting. As of March 11, 2014, at 10:14 AM, CST there has been 196,555 accidents.- National Safety Council

J. The NSC model estimates 21 percent of crashes or 1.2 million crashes in 2012 involve talking on handheld and hands-free cell phones.
For the first time in years, motor vehicle travel became more dangerous in 2012 than the prior year. The number of people who died in motor vehicle accidents in 2012 increased year-over-year for the first time since 2005. - NSC